Wednesday, December 17, 2014


it seems to be my lucky week of catching up with some my favorite girlfriends. tonight adventure had me meeting up with meg for happy hour. i want to say the last time we hung out was a few months ago when i was cussing her name after running a half marathon. thankfully tonight was drinks and appetizers and no running.

it was good to catch up on life and the latest happenings.  and after much debate we finally pulled the trigger and agreed to renew our star light season tickets once again for next year.  neither of us was too excited about any of the selections this coming year. but, we had said the same thing this last year and actually really enjoyed ourselves.  what finally made us say yes...was the fact that we always just had so much fun together and it was more a guarantee to see each other regularly during the summer. and well it sort of feels like we are giving back by supporting the arts here in kansas city.

thankfully we won't have to wait until the starlight season for our next outing. though there was no running had tonight...there is discussion of maybe running a 5k early in the year and building up again. and there are a few other musicals on our wish list to see as well.

as nick says, it's good to have meg in my life. :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


my dear friend chrystal came to town tonight. she is doing a long road trip to see her boy in wisconsin and i was more than happy to have her break up the trip with a stop here in kc for the night.  in her rush to pack she ended up leaving her make up at our first stop of the night was to sephora in the mall. not ideal with lots of christmas gift buying going on but we were quick in and out and then on to dinner and a little girl talk.  we dined at carma in park place. it has been awhile since we last saw each other so it was fun to sit back and relax and just gab.  can't wait to see how the next couple months play out for this lovely lady as she so deserves all the love and joy coming her way.

fun night!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

lump of coal

 somewhere between parties i was able to pull off actually baking 6 plus dozen hot chocolate cookie cups to share at the annual cookie exchange.  in addition to baking the cookies i also got the house back into shape to be able to host these lovely ladies.

sadly with all the wine i had last night i am not sure i was the most lively of hosts. oops. being one of the very few not to have kids...i think the girls decided to have a afternoon with the adults. the one little one that made an appearance was leah and she was doll that was so very good natured and played well with my old dog dakota.

everyone arrived and put their cookies on display. with only one little one to be concerned with it was nice to see these girls take a moment and relax. i had plenty of appetizers and we all gathered in the living room and told a few stories or two.  everyone is ecstatic for kibble as she is preggo with twins and she is absolutely adorable. can't wait to see pictures and meet the two little ones.  it would seem with this group every year there is at least one new baby to add to the mix or one soon to arrive at the time of the cookie exchange.

we then shared our baking selections and tasted each offering. and votes were cast and tallied for the yummiest, most festive and would make again.  sarah ended up winning most festive with her naughty and nice cookies.  the naughty cookies were called lump of coal and seriously looked like coal. thankfully they did not taste like coal.

then the hardest part of this divy up all the loot of cookies.  these girls have it down packed they come with tupperware in hand and some even had the cookies boxed to easily distribute. yeah no way i was going to be that handy this year.

and then sadly it was time to say ado. merry christmas ladies and thank you again for allowing me to be a part of this fun gathering!

Saturday, December 13, 2014


 its a busy weekend.  tonight finds us headed downtown to jack stacks for nicks company holiday party. our friends todd and jennifer made the trip from hutchinson and being the couple that traveled the furtherest got a nice little gift to take home.
 it's always interesting to hear the stories the different advisors have had over the last year and some of great successes that were celebrated. nick has met quite a few fun individuals with this company and it is fun to have the opportunity to come together and get to know the other advisors and their spouses.
 i joked early in the night that kathy is nick's work wife. in a lot of ways its true as she definitely helps with some of the details nick sometimes needs assistance with.  so i thought this was a fun photo op. not sure if nick agreed but a he played along nicely.
 after the event a smaller group walked over to the jacobson for a nightcap. i was the ring leader in purposing the location and the idea to walk. thankfully it was absolutely gorgeous night out and sitting on the patio by the fire suited everyone just fine.
as the night ticked on we agreed to head somewhere closer to home.  jay and renea were able to meet back up with us at the blue moose for one final nightcap.  another successful year and another fun night out with friends.

Friday, December 12, 2014


do you like to party?  apparently we do! what a fun night and great to see so many friends.

thank you to everyone that was able to join us for our little holiday soiree.  we had friends from all steps of our lives here in kansas city show up and help us toast to the holiday season.  i think in total we had maybe 40 people come through the house.

we called it a happy hour / open house with the hopes that everyone would feel welcome to come and go as they please. trust me we get that this is a busy time of year with lots of activities going on.  we started early with the first guest showing up just before five and the last three leaving closer to 1 am.

i had so much fun that once again the camera did not come out until someone mentioned the camera stick so i captured the last of us girls in attendance. i swear there were plenty of boys also in attendance but i took a total of two pictures and then instagramed the damage us girls did with the wine...not sure how much beer and liquor was consumed downstairs.

definitely a fun time. and we may just have to do it again next year.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

red door

well plans change. thankfully janel was up for the challenge. with others falling sick and not able to commit we scraped the idea of brunch. the next plan was lunch and taking in the holiday lights but when i awoke and saw the thick fog and dreariness the day was going to be...that idea too went to the way side for another time.

so what better to do on dreary cold winter afternoon than lunch and movie.  janel met me at red door grill for a good lunch and some girl talk. and then we ventured over to the theater to take in st vincent. what we both thought was going to be a comedy had each of us tearing up a bit. a great film but note a laugh out loud comedy.

thanks janel for being up for whatever today.  was good to spend time with you and get out of the house for a bit.

Friday, December 5, 2014


 the last of my concert tickets for the year. not sure this year ended up being as concert going as last but it sure has been fun and i am ended the year with my hubby by my side at a concert he actually wanted to go to.  with our plaid shirts ironed and our cowboys shined we were ready to party and kick up our heels a little.

and lucky us we weren't the designated drivers this evening so we could have a little more fun than normal.  adam and melissa joined us and adam drew the short straw and was the driver for the night. we ventured over to houlihans for happy hour and uncle b helped kick off the festivities by joining us for round or two.

then it was time to head downtown to kick up our heals for some good old country music. but, yikes was downtown every so packed. after a little negotiating we found a place to park and as quickly as we could made our way to the seats.  up first was mr dwight yoakam. while he boot scooted his booty along the stage we settled in for a great night of good music, good people watch and fun.

the headliner of the show was eric church. one of nick's all time favorite artists of late. we both were blown away with his performance last year at arrowhead and was disappointed to miss his tour stop in kc with george strait. so when these tickets came on sale i was quick to gobble up a few.  the energy was different from arrowhead or maybe it was i was little more sober this time round. but the concert definitely did not disappoint.

 and the four of us had a great time singing along.
 i'll be honest i did not understand the giant blowup monster that was part of the show...but, i do think this picture turned out pretty cool
another great time for live music in kansas city!

guitars cadillac by dwight.

creepin' by eric church.