Friday, April 18, 2014

finished strong

oh my goodness is the weather ever so beautiful today. just a lite breeze and sunny out.  the perfect kansas spring evening.

i was able to sneak out of work a little early, which allowed nick and i to try out the 9-hole golf course we live on.  this is technically only my second time playing a round of golf and well figured i better get a few practice rounds in before league starts and i find myself embarrassing myself.  when nick returned from his first league night he was talking about how difficult the course was. crap. not what I wanted to hear.

the goal of today's round was to not lose too many balls.  well nick ended up winning this competition, only putting one ball in the lake while i lost two on hole 5 in the creek area.  otherwise i learned that my drive is my strong suite, my short game will come around but its the in between...using those damn irons i need to practice. i told nick that he may start finding me behind the house some nights working on hitting onto the green and working getting out of the bunkers.

we had a five-some playing ahead of us that wasn't the fastest group.  the gentleman playing behind us ended up catching up with us and opted to join us. small world, he is a k-state graduate that was a vet in salina for many years.  he actually has season football tickets a few sections over from us and knows many of the salina folks we do including my grandmother jackie.  he is an avid golfer and sounds like he may see nick on monday nights as he is part of the same men's league.

it was fun to visit with him and it seems he even knows my dad and commented that i should have the natural genes to be able to play golf decently.

holes 5 thru 8 were a little rough as i wasn't as gun-ho but i finished strong on 9. i knew i did well when i teed off and i hear nick from the cart say, "Wow!" Now that is fun to hear. :)

random update

so i am finally caught up with what post blogging i had to do.  definitely go in phases where blogging is more work than not.

most days i spend working at home in my yoga pants...i finally got to the point where the laundry was silly. why not wear my work out gear to my home office if i don't have any other major plans for the day.  most evenings find me doing either trx, barre or yoga classes and/or walking the dogs. and yes i usually work my classes around other activities like the random happy hour invite or book club meeting. seems to work ok for me.  this summer will be interesting when starlight and golf league to shake things up.

one major accomplishment i did complete and haven't blogged about is that i did complete a 15 day just cleanse.  there were days that it was great and other days it was completely miserable.  my favorite combination of juice is probably called a splash of sun...different from what i noted on instagram. splash of sun is 4 carrots, 2 oranges and a inch of ginger.  i also like changing out the ginger for a lemon but depending on the lemon it can sometimes make the juice too tart.  my first real food was last saturday after my hot yoga class...i had been craving a taco from taco bueno. sadly it wasn't as good as i had remembered.

after easter i am going to map out probably juicing during the day and working with nick on a schedule of a well balanced meal plan at night. with the weather changing and between my class schedule and golf league for both of us...planning is probably going to need to be  necessity going forward.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

until next time

i am excited yet very sad at the same time about the news for my dear friend the end of this month she is suppose to close on her house and make the official trek north for a new adventure in des moines.  i have so enjoyed the last couple of years getting to know heidi better and becoming even better friends than we were in college. 

before leaving town we agreed we needed to enjoy a date on the town and catch up.  one of the things heidi and excel at is eating out and trying new things so that was a must...amazingly enough heidi had not tried many of the mexican restaurants on the boulevard so our first stop of the day was taqueria mexico. you know you have chosen well when cute little mexican men are coming in to belly up to the bar and watch the soccer game.  the food was excellent and set us on course for more adventures.
 next up we headed to the steamboat of arabia museum. we both have lived here for years, and neither have had the opportunity to experience it first hand. we bought our ticket and waited for our tour to start.  if you haven't been to this museum and you enjoy the history of the settlers and the 1800's you really should check this place out. what started out as a treasure hunt has become a labor of love and a wealth of information about what life was like for the old time settlers.
after enjoying the museum we tried to check out a little storefront in the westside area. sadly they had closed by the time we made our way over. our back up wanting a little dessert and to get out of the cold and rain found us over in westport checking out baked.  we shared a few desserts, watched part of the masters, and gabbed away like a bunch of silly school girls. oh so fun.

we quickly started putting together a wish list of future trips to take or things we want to experience together in the future...definitely not saying goodbye by any means....just saying until next time. and thankfully des moines isn't too far of a drive. so a road trip will be happening sooner than later, too.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

friends with babies

nick is out of town for the annual boys snagger weekend.  while the pups and i enjoyed a friday night of hiking and laying low.  saturday found us up early thanks to nick's alarm clock. i managed to make over to the overland park farmers market and get the dogs walked at the dog park all before my early morning yoga class.  
saturday afternoon was spent with friends and their cute little ones. up first becky and adam swung by  with their lovely miss h.  i was so excited to meet this little doll face.  she is such a sweetie and did extremely well with the pups giving her kisses.  it is so fun to see how much in love becky and adam both  are with their little princess. 

then saturday evening found my friends janelle and michael and their little man luke stopped by. janelle is expecting their second child in a couple of weeks and made the trip up to kansas city to see a few of their friends before life limited travel for awhile.  this was the first time these guys have been to the house so i was happy to give them the nickel tour of the place while we chatted up a storm, watched the masters, and luke played with dakota dog. (paige was just a little too jumpy for such a little guy).  
saturday night was absolutely beautiful out and the four of  us enjoyed a lovely dinner out at garozzo's.  mike and janelle are world travelers second only to my dad and sherry it would seem. nick and i have been throwing around a few different ideas for our vacation this summer and mike was sweet enough to offer some great feedback on a few of our choices. 

i miss the days of living in wichita and seeing janelle on a weekly basis. so much has changed in both of our lives since those crazy bar hopping days but, its nice to know that no matter how much time goes between visits we can pick up easily and relax into old ways and appreciate the changes.  i am excited to meet the newest baby and look forward to hearing how life with two little boys running around goes for these too.

what a great saturday to spend friends and their cute babies.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

royal blue

yeah! it's been too long.  this pretty lady has given birth to a beautiful baby girl since the last time i saw her.  and finally our schedules aligned that we could meet for lunch and catch up.  with baseball season upon us and her hubby being a avid royals fan...when i got up this morning and remembered i was going to be lucky enough to spend time with miss becky i pulled my royal blue dress down from the hanger as it just made sense to me.  (yeah i know i'm weird).

we met at our usual mr gyros and gabbed quickly through an hours lunch.  i was able to get the scoop on how labor went and the trials and joys of being a first time mommy and the surprises that happen in the first few months of motherhood. we also talked work, theta and more. but hearing about becky's little girl was definitely the highlight of lunch.  and super excited sounds like i get to meet the cute little munchkin sooner than later.

after work i enjoyed meeting up with the ladies of staked book club for a lively discussion about "the husband's secret," by liane moriarty.  a decent read but it was interesting to learn some of the girls hated this book. it is definitely a light summer read as it was pretty predictable.  seems lindsay had the perfect chance to read this book as it is a perfect book to read while on a cruise boat laying out in the sun. it's nice to see we are getting some more life into book club too.  now if only i could actually pick up a book a read not what i am wanting to do in my spare time these days. the next two books are ones i've selected for the i need to change that pattern and quick.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

for the birds

saturday found nick off hunting in the morning while the pups and i went to the dog park again.  little miss is slowly edging her way into the water but is in no hurry to learn to swim and fetch with the big dog.

the afternoon found nick returning and the two of putting on our babysitting hats as we welcomed avery and chase over for a fun night at our place.  we dined on pizza, played with the puppies and the kiddos asked a favor of uncle nick...yup we even had a lesson on how to call in a turkey, goose, crow and a duck. oh my.

later in the evening my dear friend christine and her boyfriend joe came by to join us for pizza and fun night of catching up on life while watching the ncaa basketball games. these two were in town for joe's sons soccer game and the timing of the games offered up a free evening.  it has been over a year since christine and i last saw each other.  hopefully, they will be able to make a few k-state football games this year or we will get back to wichita one of these days and get to hang out again.

overall a great saturday spent with family and friends.

Friday, April 4, 2014

double date

tonight we were joined by our friend jay and renea on a fun double date.  the nice thing is jay and renea live around the corner so carpooling and getting together is fairly easy. we made our way downtown to and enjoyed a lovely dinner at bristol down in the power and light. and then ventured over to the midland.

i bought tickets late which meant we were up in the nosebleed section of the theater. the show was a comedian amy schumer and well it was every possible female sex joke you could make and more.  i knew it would be raunchy but i seriously thought she might have more subject matter to talk about.  after a hour or so...amy brought on stage bridget everett.  bridget proceeded to show the entire audience her tits. dance around, sing and pulled some innocent fool onstage and proceeded to shock and awe everyone in attendance.

this was one of the oddest comedy shows i have ever witnessed and we were all just a little stunned. stunned it was over and amy never came back on stage and stunned by jokes and overall crudeness of the show. yes, i have my moments of being a prude but this was just a weird show.  definitely check this off list of seen and done and not likely to pay to do again.

none the less it was still fun to get out and enjoy time with another fun loving couple.  more adventures sound possible in our future. just not sure i get to be the one to pick out the entertainment in the future.