Monday, August 24, 2015

mr. w

tonight we enjoyed a night out at the k with a crew from the neighborhood.  dean and diane rode with us to the game, which was fun to get to know this fun couple better.  dean is originally from michigan and is a detroit tiger fan at heart but, we are slowly turning him to the blue side.
for most of the game the boys sat together while the us girls sat a row behind.  of course we had to try to get a picture....and well marc didn't want to miss out so he snuck in.
 say cheese boys and diane. goofy girl.
do you know mr. w?  tonight i learned he is actually related to diane by marriage.  lets just say for this picture to happen there may have been a little stalking that had to happen.

by the end of the night mr. w had to go to work as  the boys in blue pulled out a great win.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

lost ball

miss chrystal had to head home to prep for the week ahead.  while nick and i spent the afternoon playing a round of golf with these two crazy boys.

the best way to judge ones golf game is to keep track of your score.  yeah that wasn't going to happen today.  and with this crew i opted to be more concerned with how many balls were lost on the course. (hey its only my second year steps).

by the time we reached the last hole i was biting my tongue as i drove toward the green. i was hoping to avoid the water hazard and thankfully was successful.  so when we finished i did a little jump of joy because i lost zero golf balls and well i was the only one in this foursome that could honestly make that claim today.

we made it back to the clubhouse and had a round and just chilled for a bit.  such a fun sunday.

Saturday, August 22, 2015


this weekend nick and i enjoyed having our friend chrystal come up an stay with us.  we absolutely adore this amazing woman and want her to be happy.  sadly this last month has been a rough one for her.

so a fun weekend was in order. last night was a good start with the concert. today was spent shopping.  chrystal swears when ever she goes shopping with me she ends up spending more.  hmm, there may be some truth to that.  i know i was excited to let nick know i resisted the coach outlet store today.

by the end of the night we decided to relax back at the house with nick.  we brought home a few cheeses, crackers, dark chocolate and wine.  and spent the evening planning our big adventure that is n the works for next years.

i love this lady and love seeing such a big smile on her face most of the weekend.

Friday, August 21, 2015


 nick and his haram of girls enjoying a lovely night of live music in kansas city.

tonight we took in the third of the hot country night concert series and enjoyed the one and only lady antebellum.
 this group of women were just too much fun. there was plenty of dancing and other gimmicks.

 and well nick enjoyed himself all the while. he can be a good guy every now and then.

 at one point during the course of the show a few of us were able to move a bit closer which is fun.

and thankfully we didn't have a full frat party behind us though there were a few crazy youngsters around us.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


why has it taken us three years to get together like this? oh the stories the three of us girls can tell on each other. but tonight, it was not what was but, more about what is.  how the heck are we all doing?

can we do this again?  girl talk with lots of history behind us...can't ask for a better night than this.

Sunday, August 16, 2015


it was a good thing i wasn't drinking last night as i had an early tee time with a fun group ladies from the neighborhood.  at one point during the course of our game we stopped at one of the ladies home to let the twosome behind us pass. most of the group enjoyed a round of mimosa while it was nice to sit in the shade and cool off for a bit.

today was not my best game of golf but i picked up some great pointers and it was great to have the opportunity to get to know more of the ladies that golf around here. let's hope i didn't play too poorly that they will invite me to play again soon.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


rex and nick spent the day playing in the johnny's golf tournament. i ran a few errands and then joined them afterwards for the awards ceremony and party.  seems it was a long day of golf and most were exhausted and cleared out early.  but the three of us agreed to stick around and invited janel and trisha to join in the fun.
and then the night took a turn and many rounds of shots were ordered. i have never been so thankful to not be drinking than i was this evening. we parted johnny's and joined chris and others for aaron's show at jefferson's
the music was good all the while watching the end of the sporting game and chiefs game.  a fun night with friends. tons of laughs.