Thursday, November 6, 2014


so tonight i made my way to the big d.  i am lucky enough to spend the entire weekend with my dear girlfriend dana.  first up for our itinerary was happy hour with some of her former co-workers and friends.  we had a lovely time out and the conversation was great giving me a interesting insight to life in dallas. it makes me feel good to see that dana has such a great network of friends.

Monday, November 3, 2014


after being able to breathe a sigh of relief, i agreed to meet amy out to help celebrate and shake of some of my worry.  we agreed to a one of our typical outings movie and a meal.

we ended up watching the movie, the best of me by nicholas sparks. tear jerker. at the end of the movie i told amy we needed a funny movie next time as the amount of tears i shed between the last two films we saw has been ridiculous.

after the movie we ventured over to old chicago and spent a good hour catching up on life. as always a great time spent together with hopes of more outings again sooner than later.


it sucks whenever you or someone you love has a health scare of any type. the unknown, the questions, and the major kick in the gut of reality of getting older and not being indestructible. for the last couple of weeks i have been dealing with these unknowns.

i haven't screamed it from the roof tops and really probably only told my immediate family and those few friends i have spent any significant time with of late.  figured why have others worry if it ended up being nothing.

today i finally had the opportunity to visit with a endocrinologist who reviewed the ultrasound and the blood work. she reviewed the facts and thankfully advised that we take a wait and see approach. that the matter at hand wasn't at a stage we should worry.  i will have follow up appointment in a couple of months and see if anything changes but for now life proceeds as normal.

 nick joined me for the doctors appointment and has been such a trooper helping ease my nerves.  i can't say enough for the love and support i have received not only from nick but from everyone else who knew what was happening. the texts, calls and prayers have been a wonderful blessing that i am extremely grateful.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

tuckered out

think nick and the girls are a little tuckered out from the hunt. aren't i a lucky girl. hope you had a peaceful sunday, too.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

purple haze

it's saturday and once again we have found our way over to manhappiness.  with the start of basketball season days away the women's and men's teams had a open practice for us fans to sit in on.   it was only practice but a few players definitely made it exciting. hopefully its a great season to come.
last week uncle b brought his son to the game. this week him and his daughter abbey rode over with nick and i and took in the game. for years abbey has said she was going to follow her mom's footsteps and go to that school down the river.  but of late, there is more and more discussion of her following her dad and becoming a wildcat. of course i fully support this idea, the more the merrier!
this week my grandma and aunt ann were using dad's two tickets.  nick and i were nice and headed in early as we knew these lovely ladies would be early to their seats.  with almost an hour to kick off and the stands only scattered with fans besides the student section, i had to remind my grandma to be patient that the k-state faithful would be in soon enough.
we made it in so early that the band hadn't event made it into the stadium yet. here they are entertaining the student body a good 40 minutes before kickoff with the team going through warm up drills. the sun was setting quickly offering a great purple haze at is set.
k...s...uuuu! wildcats! gametime
boy did willie the wildcat get a workout in this game with over 40 points scored there was a lot of pushup to be made.
i have never been a fan of the reality show the bachelor even when a k-state grad was the lead. but i can still appreciate all the hype that surrounds these types of shows and love the fact that sean still supports his alma mater. he is another great representative of the university.  it was interesting trying to explain to my grandma why the crowd was so excited to see this couple.
another k-state victory and plenty of good times by all.

Friday, October 31, 2014

trick or treat

 this week we have been honored to have nick's parents in town a couple of days.  we have so enjoyed having them around that i never dragged the camera out and just enjoyed the conversation and time spent together.  they made the trip back up and spent a couple of days with matt and christina and tonight i happened to have the camera out and captured this cute couple.
 since our neighborhood seems to lack the halloween spirit especially our street...we gladly accepted the invitation from christina to make the trip north to enjoy dinner and see logan and his pup gilbert in their halloween costumes.
 the weather has turned chilly so layers were needed. this duo was just so stinking cute.
while the crew headed out to trick or treat we wished everyone goodnight and made it home in time to have the doorbell ring just once.  hey one more trick or treater than last year.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

take the crown

game seven of the worlds series is tonight. to say this town is crazed about the royals and all they have accomplished this second half of the season and post season is an understatement.

nick and i briefly discussed the idea of buying tickets and tried once or twice through the royals website but to no avail. we looked at the second hand market and the idea of paying two thousand dollars for a baseball game...yeah we rather save our money for one day when the cats make it to the national championship.

for most of the world series we have kept it pretty low key spending time watching with just the two of us or with family.  tonight though for big game seven we opted to head down to the valley. the owners were having a small get together and had invited us to join in the fun.  the beer was cold and the conversation was good.

we made it to the end of the 4th inning and decided to call it. or so i thought. with nick driving he went the other direction out of the club.  we ended up stopping in a mark and shelly's house and watched the rest of the game with this crew. many of the folks here were the same as those in attendance during the playoffs when the royals pulled out  big win. with rally towels in hand we were hooting, hollering and praying for the boys to pull it off.

sadly it just wasn't meant to be.  but boy oh boy was it ever fun.  this town has been hyped for over a month now about this team and it really has brought friends, families and others together.  let's hope mr glass finally sees the passion we as the fan can have if you put a good product on the field and this year wasn't a just a fluke.

let's go royals! let's take the crown in 2015 and finish what you started!