Sunday, September 7, 2014

chiefs kingdom

 if you live in kansas city and haven't been to a chiefs game really should. and honestly opening day when everyones hope for the season is high and excitement is running strong is probably the best day to go.

this morning we joined the game night girls and some of the boys bright and early and made our way to arrowhead.  wow the number of cars already in the parking lot and the party atmosphere that is going on was impressive.

once we got the tailgate set up it was time to kick back and have a few laughs, catch up on life and just chill.  it has been over a month since most of us have seen each other so it was nice just have a little time together goofing off.

before we knew it the countdown to kickoff was down to just minutes.  even with my snafu of trying to take my purse in...i did make it to my seat with a few minutes to spare. the pre game festivities of announcing the team were full of pomp and circumstance.

time for kickoff. and possible the best part of the actual football game today.

we ended up with great seats right on the fifty yard line on the upper deck all together.

by the time the 4th quarter came up there was a mass exodus of the stadium as the chiefs weren't playing the greatest.  we ended up thanking the crew for a fun day and made it to the truck. not my normal stance but i am not that invested in professional sports as i will ever be in collegiate aka k-state sports.

not sure what the season looks like for the chiefs but this may be our one and only game of the season. it doesn't look promising.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


tonight we were honored to host nick's family at the house for a celebration of all the fall birthdays.  we dined on shish kabobs, garlic bread, tomatoes and a lot of good desserts. while the tv's were turned to nascar and football games there was also a lot of playing with the puppies and sitting out on the patio enjoying the fire pit.

it has been awhile since we all had the opportunity to spend some quality time. it was great to relax and kick up our heals and chill as a family. christina is a few months in to her new career and it sounds like she is doing well and will be moving to day schedule soon.  while logan is greatly enjoying kindergarten and spending the day in school learning a ton.

it is always good to spend time with family. too bad i didn't break out the camera until late in the night and didn't get a good full group shot. next time. 

Friday, September 5, 2014


 so i went ahead and purchased 2 tickets to buzz beach ball this year not knowing for sure who would go with me. originally i thought i had one friend confirmed and then she went and sold her house and couldn't make it work. then sarah was going to join me and we agreed to be a little late so she could work and get her boys squared away...well work ended up being a killer and she had to bow out. so with the concert already started and extremely last minute i went through my list of girlfriends that might be interested in going and struck out.

so nick got stuck going with me.  not sure he really knew what he agreed to but he quickly changed from his work clothes and jumped in the car with me. and off we went to sporting park.

we arrived in time to catch two songs of j toddy walston and the business group. there was a pretty good crown already present even with the rain sprinkling and it only being shortly after 5.  they sounded really good and were one of the bands i was excited to see.

this particular concert has two stages. one main stage and a smaller one on the opposite of the field. and the bands played right after each other switching back and forth between stages. on the second stage was the group thumper. i am not familiar with this group and the tents didn't help.

next up on the main stage was the mowglis. i didn't not realize that one of the members was a overland park native. the referenced local bbq and how great it was to be home. their set was very fun and upbeat and was fun to sing along to as i knew more songs of theirs than i thought.

the clouds finally moved out and the crowd was growing. our seats were situated on the aisle of the up path from the field by the main stage so the people watching was fantastic. it is always interesting to see what the latest trends are and other randomness you may see. i had to question the number of shirts that men were wearing that had kitty cats pictured on them. just didn't get it.  on the second stage was the band bear hand.  hadn't heard them before and it wasn't bad but none of the songs stood out either.

it would seem a lot of the crowd was here tonight for the next band up as there was a lot of cheers when they were introduced.  the 1975 played for a hour plus set and had everyone up and moving to the sounds.

as the sun set during the 1975 set they asked the crowd to turn on their lights of their phones. made for quite a site that this picture just doesn't do it justice.

 throughout the concert nick kept checking the royals score. it was in the 9th inning and i was getting a little restless we agreed to go inside and watch the end of the game and grab a bite. it was amazing how many others were inside watching the game. still hard to believe that baseball is relevant in this town and it is september. the royals thankfully got the win.

we agreed to walk around a bit. while we explored the group big data played on the second stage.  they too sounded pretty good.  with the rain moved out there was definitely a chill in the air and almost cold as we walked around the concourse.

next up was a group that i have loved since high school.  and one that i have made nick sit through before. weezer. it is amazing how they have withstood the test of time over the last 20 plus years. and they are putting out a new album next month.

 the nice thing about weezer is almost everyone in the stadium knew their songs and could sing along.
meg myers was the last one to play on the secondary stage. i have enjoyed 3 or 4 of her songs that have played on the radio. but i gather from her comment of this is the largest crowd she has ever played to that she is still fairly new to the business. will be interesting to see where her career goes.

 the final act of the night was arctic monkey. they came out with a feeling of true rockers lots of smoke big lights and a lot of production.

 nick made it through two of their songs and headed to the door. we had agreed to call it a night after four songs but i consented and joined him after three songs.  nothing against the band just showing our age and the fact that nick is just not a fan of alternative music so there is only so much i could ask him to sit through tonight.

overall a great concert even if it did rain on us for awhile. but in the future i will need to have more secure plans on who will join me as i think i may have asked to much of nick this time round.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

gotta work

so on thursday we had a semi load of dirt delivered and moved to the backyard to help build up the berm we are trying to establish in the old waterway between our house and the golf course this is definitely a work in the progress but it is now to a point that we can maybe start doing something with it.

nick had proposed we play golf or goof off today but looking at our schedule and the upcoming weather pattern it was either get to work today or possible hold off until spring.  so we set to work.  thankfully home depot is having a great sale on their perennials and we loaded up a complete cart load of green lovelies.  

you don't realize how big this damn berm is until you try to cover it with weed protectors and plants. we got the top covered in the weed protector material and set out to start planting. i typically enjoy arranging and planting but between the heat and the wind today was really chore to accomplish it all.

but nick and i powered through and got all the plants we purchased for the berm in and agreed to call it a day.  neither of us was in the mood to cook so we agreed to check out the new grinders stonewall for dinner.  we lounged in the side yard while we waited for a table. dined on bbq pizza and just relaxed.  we really did accomplish a lot but there is still so much to be done.  as we drove home the storms were rolling will be a few days before we can get back out and do more thanks to all the mud.  not exactly the relaxing labor day weekend we had hoped for.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

game day!

 so last year i had a lot of butt hurt about when to leave for k-state games. this year i am officially washing my hands of this matter and letting nick and dad figure it out. would i like to go early and tailgate with friends yes! and it would seem we will still make it to stop in and say hi to everyone we just won't be doing the usual party and hanging out like we use to in the past. or at least that would appear the case with game one of the season. not exactly my first choice but it is what it is.

we picked up jb from downtown and made our way west on I-70.  we arrived in manhattan 3 hours prior to kick off and since none of us had had lunch yet stopped in a vista burgers to grab a quick bite before we made our way to the stadium.

upon arriving a the stadium we first swung by and said hello to a few of our neighbors we have gotten to know thanks to golf league that are also die hard k-staters.  this crew was officially introduced to the camera stick and got a good laugh.  the majority of this crew also has seats on the east side on the same level as nick and should be fun to get to know them all better as the season progresses.

 next up we headed over to the lewis and clark tailgate. the sad reality of this is one of two of these tailgates to happen this year was noted as chris and lindsay weren't able to park in their usual spot as the car was loaded for the first of road trips to san antonio where they are moving this month. tears.
while nick got caught up with the boys, i enjoyed spending a little quality time with these two cuties and their momma. i can't get over how big both girls are getting.  they are both so easy going. or at least that is what it seems like while i was around them. i am sure stacy might say differently.
 well it is still august in kansas and granted it wasn't in the hundreds but it was steamy so with an hour to go before kickoff, nick and i joined dad and josh up in the club level to cool off and talk shop about what we hoped to see on the field today.

before long it was time to bring on the cats and officially cheer to the start of college football season.

i have started taking less photos these days but when it comes to game day there are few i always try to get if i am in in time. the first being the coin toss. honestly not sure if k-state won the toss or not but they started on defense for the first play of the game.

which leads to the kick off. which was nicely done into the end zone for a touch back.

from there we settled in to watch the boys in purple and white and cheer them on.  and though the day started off hot and steamy the sun eventually began to set and made for a great view of the stadium.

half time with the pride of wildcat land playing and the sun setting even more.

and the second half when it finally really felt like football weather and the cats got their first win of the season.

with 8 minutes left in the 4th and the win easily in hand we headed to our car and hit the road listening to the final minutes on the radio.  ugh i really hope this does not become the trend for the rest of the season.

Friday, August 29, 2014

dance party

 dad is back in town for the start of k-state football season. we all agreed to get together and dine at asa hibachi restaurant. it is always interesting to see what the kiddos reaction would be. avery was cute showing off a new lingo of "peace out" and flashing the peace sign to everyone. yet in the same time almost deathly afraid of the fire of the cooking tables actually having to leave the room to avoid making a scene.

once the food was cooked and everyone was full the dance music in the lounge area started and the kiddos had their own personal dance party for us.
 what free spirits these two kiddos are and just plain fun.
of course it helps too when uncle nick is willing to play along too.

thanks for dinner daddio always great to spend time together.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

puppy palooza

 i got home tonight to find a puppy palooza happening.  and oh boy was there ever some tail wagging happening in the house.
 jeff brought little zoey over to meet the other pups and did great engaging with the other dogs and listening to the different adults when they wanter her attention. such a cutie.
 kenzie and dakota are definitely the old girls but still each have a lot of puppy in them wanting to play tug and capture our attentions.
 or just play with each other. crazy girls.
 here the boys are with all the different puppies.
and if you are wondering...yes i totally got on the floor and played with these yahoos.  fun time.