Tuesday, July 28, 2015


we had the entire course to ourselves...granted we didn't tee off until after 7:30.  we were in a race against the sun setting.  we got 8 holes in.  some shots were pretty some not so pretty.  it's been a few rounds since i lost any golf balls.  tonight well i think i lost 3 total. hopefully that isn't the case on thursday for league play.

it was fun to get out together and get a little twilight golf in as the temperature and the sun dropped.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


we said we would get together sooner than later. and finally we did.  the plan was for lunch, movie and then a little shopping together.

what happened was we met for lunch at t. loft a very interesting restaurant that provides healthy organic choices.  both of us is supper happy with our choices and they were delish.

next up movie time.  our plan was to see train wreck...we arrived at the theater with them in a near sold out situation so my new acm friends and family card would not work...and as we debated on paying for the front row seats someone else went ahead and scooped them up. um...looking at other movie and times...nothing was really going to work.

so instead we called for a rain check hopefully for later this week.

we headed over to trader joes and shopped for some essentials we both needed for the upcoming week and just had a great afternoon being out and about.

fingers crossed we can find a time to try the movie thing again, soon.


 these two sweet girls are crazy for their bump.   this morning we ventured over to lake lenexa to run them a bit.  we arrived to find a couple fishermen on the dock where nick typically practice fetch and retrieve. so we explored down the path and was going to give up when paige took the bump and jumped in on her own. ok, guess this will work for awhile
after the 4th throw nick turned to me in shock...what?  um, no wedding ring.

are you serious?  we scoured the ground and didn't see it so it must have slipped off and made it into the lake at is sitting at the bottom. well, as much hunting and fishing he does it was bound to happen. he made it a full 11 years and 2 days. or at least that was our thought.

we arrived back home and while nick took care of drying the pups off, i was off to get cleaned up. not sure what made me check but i did...and there sitting on his night stand was none other than his wedding ring. the boy got lucky.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

lucky 13

after many hours of window shopping this black beauty is no longer ours.

the new vehicle of choice is so new...we drove off the lot with 13 miles being our starting point. we both consider 13 on of our lucky numbers.  oh this is going to be fun.

Friday, July 24, 2015

see you smile

 happy 11th anniversary honey. let's go sweat our asses off.
we ventured back over to sandstone and settled in for the night or at least we thought we had...the opening act chase bryant started and the crowd was decent.  i think i only knew one of chase's song...i figured out my friend lynsee and her boyfriend were in attendance...i sought them out as i keep hearing about this justin guy but had yet to have the chance to meet him.  they had chosen to sit high on the lawn section and in the shade...hmm they may have been on to something here.  was great to see these lovebirds. can't wait for another outing where we hang out a little.

the second act of the night was billy currington.  he came on strong and the crowd was definitely in a party mood even with the heat wave happening.

someone brought a beach ball and i swear this damn thing kept landing in my lap.  reminding nick and i both of the one time went to a concert with our friend fred and his oldest daughter in equal heat wave condition.  fred took the ball and popped it. nick would not let me do the same. granted fred had good reason since the ball hit him smack in the face as he was drinking a fresh glass of beer.

i noted before there was definitely a party atmosphere happening especially in and around us.  the ku frat party behind us had me annoyed beyond belief. talk about complete lack of respect for others space and property.  they eventually figured out nick and i weren't budging no matter how much they knocked into us...and went to our right and eventually kicked a mother daughter duo out. rude!

finally bring on tim mcgraw the main act. and boy can this man perform.
 and as much as great as the show is...the crowd kept me at attention of what was going on. at one point a major fight broke out. ugh so not how one wants to partake of live music.
 one of nick's favorite tim mcgraw song is, just to see you smile.  he says it reminds him of our relationship. such a romantic he is.
 the weather could have been better, the crowd could have been better behaved, and maybe the whole experience would have been better if i was drinking...but at least the music was good.
 but i think i am happy our next concert on the calendar isn't for a couple more weeks.  an interesting way to spend our anniversary together.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


today is the second to the last golf league outing.  today the foursome included rhonda, heather, diane and i.  isn't as the season progressing one is suppose to get better? geesh i swear golf is a freaking frustrating game!  at least the company is good.

after sweating through 9 holes we ventured over to the moose where the boys joined us for dinner and a fun night on the patio.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

van halen

 growing up i was never really one to participate in live music.  concerts weren't really my thing.  not to say i didn't like music, i was just cheap. i preferred to pay for a tape or cd growing up then pay for the concert experience.

yeah i eventually wised up in my old age and have been on concert kick for the last couple of years.  one of the concerts i probably should have experienced in high school or college would have been the group who i dragged nick to, tonight.  i grew up loving van halen. i remember many of a road trips with my high school friend erica and playing their album balance at least once if not twice.

so in the vain to catch up on some of the shows i missed in my past, i was super excited to hear van halen was touring this summer and the date worked to attend.  we arrived at sandstone with blanket in hand and grab a patch of the lawn and settled in for the night.  we arrived in time to catch the end of kenny wayne sheperd set.  it was a great start, a little blue, a lot of rock.

then for the main event.  i literally laughed out loud when nick turned to me and asked if david lee roth was gay.  i admit the sliding around, leg kicks and scarf twirling was a bit over the top.  i looked around and took in the crowd...wow, i have never seen so many old white men fist pump and sway back and forth.

we had been warned that david lee roth vocals weren't what they once were.  so i was not too surprised that the songs didn't meet my memories expectation.  but this was bad. really bad.  we made it through about 10 songs and i turned to nick and said let's go.  guess sometimes you just can't go back in time...bummer of a concert but at least i got to enjoy a fun evening with my honey.

at the end of the evening nick asked what other bands i might want to see. besides u2 i am just not sure. and i am not a huge u2 fan but think it is one of those groups if you have the opportunity to see live...do it.  any other suggestions?