Friday, June 20, 2014


yeah for a lake weekend!

this time round nick is off with the puppy dogs and friends down to adam's place. as i had it on the books for awhile that this weekend was a set girls weekend at the lake.

miss michelle somehow managed to find a time that worked for most of the game night crew and wrangled us all up for a fun, adult beverage filled weekend adventure. we stayed at tan tara resort which sadly showed its fifty plus years of existences. but, heck the room rate was right and really we didn't have plans to spend to much time in our rooms.

i rode down with michelle and erinn. it was a fun car trip down filled with story telling and lots of laughter. we even managed to get lost with michelle's navigation skills. once we got to the hotel and settled in we discussed plans for the evening and the rest of the weekend. natalie and elise had followed us most of the way down and these girls were full of giggles by the time we hit the room. god only knows what antics they were up to in their own car.

once janell and her friend angela showed we all agreed that venturing out on the town was on docket for the evening.  i opted to be designated driver for the evening and thankfully erinn has a big enough car that we were all able to squeeze into one vehicle. our festinate for the evening was close by, as we opted to check out shorty pants lounge. we arrived to a live band and a hour long wait for a table. and ugh was the heat and humidity every on tonight. we found our way to the bar and thankfully in front of a large fan and waited for our names to be called.  the people watching at the lake is truly some of the best.

finally our names were called and lucky for us our table was inside complete with air conditioning.  since it is the weekend there is lots of bachelor and bachelorette parties happening. on this particular evening there was one bachelorette party that took up the entire upstairs of this place. still not sure what exactly happened but we had some drama occur and thankfully it did not include anyone in our party.  seems one of the older ladies (you could tell by walking by because of her shoes)...had somehow slipped and fell. instead of getting up, she ended up requesting paramedics be called. like i said not sure what exactly happened but there discussion that she poured her drink on the floor and then fell down. of course with the group i was enjoying hanging with the possible stories started to fly. complete with the lady was actually the grooms mom and this was her way of protesting the marriage and more. only stories but would be interesting to know what really happened.

after all this drama we all agreed to head back to the hotel in hopes for a late night cap and more laughs.  well the laughs definitely came. but sadly the resort basically shut down at 10pm so  we all eventually just crashed.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


did you know that the band queen has some really awesome music in its history of songs it's produced? i honestly had forgotten the range of the songs from all out rock to soft ballads. many know queens songs best from the movie wayne's world but there are plenty more that are just as awesome that weren't featured in that film.

tonight meg and met up for another production at starlight. this time the musical, "we will rock you" a play that is set in the future that is told using many of the great hits by the band queen. the show is touching and comical at the same time. it really is one of the better newer musicals, i have seen and would highly recommend checking it out if you get the opportunity.

by the end of the show, meg and i both were questioning if she shouldn't go out and buy the greatest hits by queen as the songs were fantastic.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


 nick and fred spent the day celebrating fathers day on the lake fishing up a storm.  in the afternoon we ventured north to help celebrate logan's birthday with family and friends.  his momma is becoming quite the cake maker, with this year theme being that of a rocket ship.

we dined around the the fire pit, while the kiddos ran around and played. at one point all the kids were riding their bike when you everything heard the screech of the tires and clamor of the bikes and then squeal of a little guy screaming in pain and in fear. yup, logan fell over the front of his bike after trying to avoid a collision with his friend. matt and christina's neighbor was quick to jump and run to logan's aid picking him up and rushing him inside for christina to put her nursing skills to test.

eventually, the little guy came back out with a band aid on his nose a fat lip and some additional swelling. not the best way to celebrate a birthday but he slowly cheered and was back to normal. well normal but a little more slow paced and timid than before. he opened presents, ate ice cream and cake and laughed with all of us.

happy birthday buddy!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

sugar sugar

 this afternoon finds nick and i joining his family in lawrence for a one his cousins wedding. this time the service was at the catholic church which meant a 2pm ceremony.  we arrived in plenty of time and settled in for a very sweet service that highlighted the love of these two young people. both have recently gotten their undergrad degree and boy do they ever look young to me. or maybe it is i am just getting that old these days.

after the service there was a big balloon release. wonder if this is the new thing to do at weddings? logan was excited to play with his balloon and watch it go up, up and away as the newlyweds ran out of the church.
 thankfully their was lite snacks and bar open immediately following the ceremony so we all ventured over and grabbed a table and settled in. logan and i took out the coloring books and markers and had a grand time playing together. i may or may not have spoiled him a some of the snacks included a sweet bar area and i shared some of my mike and ikea with him...learning shortly after the 5th or 6th piece of candy that logan is only given a limited amount of sugar everyday and he has exceeded his quota. oopsie.
 sadly the bride wasn't feeling the best, and the first dance and other ceremonial things that go along with a wedding reception were way delayed. we enjoyed a lovely meal and tried to stick it out but, soon all agreed to call it before the party really ever started. we all stepped outside and got a great group picture. yes, i am proudly wearing purple while having to step foot in this town.
 and at least got a chance to congratulate the groom and visit with his brother. such cute cousins don't you think?
we even had the opportunity to congratulate the mother and father of the groom, too. and thank them for the invitation and made promises to see them all again soon.

so our second of three weddings this summer is officially in the books.

Friday, June 13, 2014


the girls enjoyed a rousing game of fetch with nicky. to say paige is crazed when it comes to playing ball is an understatement.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


yup another night for golf. thankfully the rain stayed away again this evening. there has been so much rain of late though there was one or two new water hazards we encountered on the course.


yeah for lunch dates. so excited to catch up with miss janell and boy does she have some exciting things happening in her life these days. there is just something to be said about having quality face to face time with your friends. thank janell for taking time out to meet up today.