Sunday, October 12, 2014

rabbit hole

i continue to be so thankful for having a friend like meg who is up for doing some of the cultural events with me around town that there is no way i could ever get nick to participate in.  today found us meeting and enjoying a lovely brunch at you say tomato.  normally it is meg introducing me to a new restaurant but today the role was reversed with me introducing her to a little happening joint that i swear has the best freaking biscuits and gravy i have ever tastes. mouth is watering just thinking about them. yum!  
the only down fall to this eatery is once you are done eating you really should skedaddle so others can  take your seat and enjoy their own meals.  with more than an hour to kill between brunch and our event we decided to drive around downtown and see if anything was open that caught our fancy.  sadly, it was pretty quiet.  we did fall upon raygun a little boutique in the crossroads area that had tons of funny t-shirts, mugs and post cards with kc and midwest pride.  there were a few shirts that had me laughing out loud so much i took a picture and sent to nick...come to find out later he was disappointed i didn't buy either of them. thats a first. 

we headed over to the beautiful kauffman performing art center for the matinee ballet performance of alice in wonderland. growing up i remember join on school outings to the nutcracker and one of my favorite all time movies is center stage about ballet students.  but it has honestly been years since i took in a live ballet performance and wasn't sure what to expect.  the costumes and the makeup in the previews is what inspired me to take the plunge and buy the tickets. and i am so glad i did!
i will be honest i still prefer musicals over ballets but the performance today was stunning even with the minor snafu in the open scene.  also the people watching at this event is equally as spectacular.  the kansas city symphony accompanied the ballet and from our vantage point we could clearly into the orchestra pit.  

what a fun outing for a rainy sunday afternoon.  i feel so privilege to be able to do these types of outings. that not only does kansas city offer these great shows but that i have friends like meg that will join in the fun.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

retail therapy

nick is off playing in the valley golf tournament all day today.  so with a saturday free i reached out to amy to see if she was in town and wanted to play.

we met around 1 for a little retail therapy and lunch.  the weather was absolutely gorgeous out...we agreed to venture back to the house and try out the deck to watch the royals and veg for a little. between the puppies craziness and it actually being hot while we were out...we opted to venture back inside and let the puppy craziness ensue.  think spending the afternoon with me and the furries amy now understands why i was complaining about exhaustion.

as the game reached the late innings...amy and i headed out to the movies.  i have read the first 3 chapters of "if i stay" while amy confessed to finishing the book on her recent plan ride complete with full on ugly cry. since the movie is down to a single showing and limited theaters i agreed to go as it will be long gone from the big screen before i have a chance to finish.

even with knowing the premise of the show i was all waterworks. no photo op after this film as my face was splotchy as can be and i had snot marks on my sleeves. nice huh?

thanks amy for a fun saturday.

Friday, October 10, 2014

rally cap

 we were invited to our neighbors rhonda and rich's house to cheer on the boys in blue.  it is baffling how well this team is playing in the post seasons and we all were more than happy to not shirk our own responsibilities and abide by our own superstitions to help will the team on to another win.
 there was a group of guys that had joined us at the ducks event last night...and with me being on the bar tenders were happy to see me as longs as they still had a beer in their hand.
it was a blast to have the opportunity to get to know this group. and even more awesome when the boys pulled out the win in overtime once again.  take the crown royals!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

bar tender

every year the south johnson county ducks unlimited crew hosts a sportsman night out aka sno event at bass pro.  i have helped in the past and some years i have blown it off and enjoyed the comforts of home.  this year would be one of those that i was out volunteering my time in the name of the ducks.

this year my friend janel agreed to join in the fun and we got lucky in manning the beer station becoming the two of the favorite girls of the night. i mean seriously when you are the only thing between a bunch of guys and a free beer...yeah it can be a fun night.

jd who is on the committee also was helping us and tapping the kegs when we floated one or two through out the evening.  and he had janel and i laughing in his honesty about the dating world and how much guys can be asses. always interesting to get a guys perspective these days.

the turnout this year was decent but maybe not as big as years past.  but from what i could tell the raffles went well and when you go through 4 kegs in a short 3 + hours think everyone was having good time in the end.

the other melissa (yeah we are going to have to work on a nick name for as it looks like we all may be hanging out more in the months to come), also helped at the bar but got pulled out to help with the walk around raffles and more.  she stopped back in near the end of the evening to see how we ended up doing tip wise...$150 plus.  we briefly discussed taking the cash and spending it at the after hour party but agreed that we'd donate it all back to the ducks

another fun night out and about.  thanks janel for helping out. always fun to have friends join in these endeavors.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

water cooler

when your work is virtually based there are is a lot of benefits. no rush hour, puppies sleeping at your feet and a lot of flexibility.  but, with those benefits there is also some downside to working out of the house.  having worked in offices in the past you learn to lean on your co-workers and in the process become not just co-workers but friends, too.

tonight, i was blessed in being able to meet up with some former friends/co-worker for a little water cooler talk and so much more.  this week is becky's last week at the company that we all met at and she is officially becoming an former employee with the rest of us. change is scary but sometimes is needed.

it's nice that when change occurs you have your friends by your side lifting you up and cheering you on. thank you ladies for a wonderful time out, for the uplifting conversation and the laughs.  i do hope with the changes swirling we take the opportunity and get together again sooner than later.

Saturday, October 4, 2014


 look at how cute these two mini-me's are.  so adorable.  they aren't related except by the fact they are officially part of the k-state family.  can't wait to see these girls grow up in the years to come.
 another day in manhappiness to cheer on the boys in purple and white. today is fort riley day and there was a lot of soldiers and their family in attendance. i always like having the opportunity to thank the men and women who serve for our country.
 also in attendance was a family friend jack...or as i endearingly refer to him as goobers.  i so enjoyed having the opportunity to sit next to him and catch up on life and cheer on the cats. usually i am pretty good about my camera stick not so much. i just had to laugh when i saw this result and thought i would share.
 nick helped us out and took a better picture for us.
as the sun set there was a purple hue that fell upon the stadium. very pretty. and the game was pretty as well. gotta love it when the boys play so well. go cats!

Friday, October 3, 2014

american royal

 its a huge party in kansas city that smells absolutely amazing.  yes, i am talking about the american royal.  somehow i convinced dad to join us and with our friend adam and melissa also in tote we made a night of it.  it started off a little rough with the lines for the shuttles way too long and us hailing a cab...but once we were inside and everyone had bbq in their stomachs and a drink in their hand it was time to party.
we stopped in at the big wigs bbq and said our hello's to our friend garret and enjoyed some of the best cheesy corn and brisket. oh so good.
 then we stopped in and ro sham bo and had the opportunity to say hello to miss heidi. i can't believe how many months have past since this pretty lady and her hubby moved north. heidi was definitely the lady of the hour at this party. and as much as i wanted to monopolize her time...with the promise of future get togethers sooner than later i gave her a hug and of course got the necessary photo op with our friend anne and said my ado.
 i joined back up with the crew who where having a great time.  oh some days it is good to be a designated drive and others days...wish could you could join in the fun. better safe than sorry.
 i have a feeling a rowdy evening for this crew and other outdoorsman's and their significant others is in the works.
 the girls hanging strong.
while the boys were also having a great night.  i had to have a good laugh when at one point in the night dad fessed up he thought we were going to a bbq competition...not a big bbq party.  the competition is tomorrow dad.  today was a night to have fun.