Friday, January 2, 2015

a look back

you may have seen this on facebook. if not it is a fun look back at the year that was...

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

smart ass

technically i was off work at noon today for the holiday, but i ended up having to work a couple more hours.  and wasn't able to free myself until right at 5 pm.  sadly that meant we were late in arriving at the club little potluck gathering.  we showed up just after the horrible k-state basketball game ended to see a few of the neighbors and share a drink while we toasted to the new year.
this is such a fun crew and i am looking forward to getting to know many of them more in the new year.  i think there are many more golf games in our future and just hanging out at the club in the future. could be a lot fun. surprisingly, this group was all going to keep it low key for the new years eve and we all wished each other happy new year and headed out our separate ways.
nick and i made our way to grabbing a low key dinner of chinese food and fortune cookies.  after which we decided to take our friend jay and renea up on their invitation to swing by their neighborhood for a few drinks and some fun with board games.  talk about a feisty group...we ended up playing a few rounds of apple to apple and two games of smart ass.  come to find that jay is extremely competitive when it comes to trivia games.  i was able to coerce nick to stay out until about 11 when his tiredness and the need to attend to the puppies required us to say our good nights and wish everyone a very happy new year.  
we were snug in bed when the clock hit midnight. but i'd say we ushered 2014 out on a good note with the promise of more fun to come in the new year.


it has been a few years since i have had the chance to see this pretty lady in person. when she reached out earlier in the month to wish me happy birthday i inquired if she would be making it home for the holidays and if she had any free time.

we almost let her time here in kc slip by when she posted on facebook that she had just over 48 hour left before she would be venture back to her normal routine in seattle. i quickly texted her to see what her schedule looked like. our first attempt was to be last night but honestly who in their 30's start a night out at 9pm? sarah is technically onvacation so i guess she can get away with it, me on the other hand wised up. and thankfully she kindly agreed to meet for lunch today. i am so grateful she did.

a party would have been fun but we sat and talked for over 2 hours getting caught up. we even reviewed different phone apps and other programs we both loved and talked about the future and the unknown. we also told stories of years long the fact that one of her nicknames in college was shacker and who gave her that title but me...i so don't remember that but the fact sophomore year first semester we were roommates totally possible and sounds like something i would have done back then.

so good to catch up with miss sarah. i can't wait to see what the future holds for her and cheer each other on in some of our mutual goals.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


i ended up spending most of the weekend snuggled up on the couch on a major movie binge. i have done something to my back and just plum worn out from all the holiday activities. so low key is exactly what i needed.

by tuesday...i was officially getting stir crazy.  i suggested continuing my movie binge but out in public to no avail.  what i did find was two separate invitation for drinks. i ventured out to achieve both but quickly realized that i am not as young as i once was.

i ended up spending the evening at houlihan's for what started out as just happy hour but turned into a a full night of amazing girl talk and laughter.  janel invited me to meet her and chriss out with their other friend beth.  the conversation seemed to bounce around from story telling to advice to even a little bit of reflection with new year's eve around the corner.

thanks janel for the invitation, what a great night!

Thursday, December 25, 2014


 the excitement was overwhelming of all the presents shared between family.  logan helped aunt donna distribute all the gifts.
 dakota couldn't wait and had to dig in early on her gifts, even helping paige learn the tricks of the trade later on.
it would seem that out of all of us irene was the she was spoiled rotten this year by uncle al. so pretty.

i on the other hand...well i literally got a sack of coal. lesson learned don't sass with uncle al especially when he draws your name for christmas.  too funny.

after all the presents were opened we had a feast that had all of us stuffed and happy for the remainder of the day.  merry christmas to each of you. hope you got all the coal or other goodies you wanted.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


we arrived home just before midnight to find the house fully ablaze and everyone but two still up.  nick was wrangled into being a great little elf helping put together santa's present for logan.  not an easy task. uncle al and christina both assisted, with no one giving up...the desk was completed and set up for the early morning stocking surprise.

time for bed...


 it is christmas eve and this year finds us spending time between my mom's family and nick's.  today we piled into the car and headed west to the big town of salina. we got about a half hour outside of town to find the sun shining and it absolutely beautiful out. we had a few errands to run before we met up with family at church.  we finished up early and took advantage of the gorgeous weather by stopping by the park and playing on the playground and calling in the ducks.
 we attended the 5 o'clock christmas eve service. complete with the traditional silent night candle light portion.  mom got pictures with her grand babies on, it was my turn to get a picture with her in front of the christmas tree at church.
 after church service we ventured over to the local olive gardens.  a change from in the past we would gather at the country club but it would seem this year the gathering was big enough that it was determined best to eat elsewhere.  i had the distinct pleasure of sitting next to miss mija and her momma carly.  mija shared her crayons with me and kept us all entertained with her rendition of bad by her favorite artist michael jackson.
 after dinner we headed back to grandma house. it was great to see these lovely cousins and sarah newest family member kit. such a cute little puppy.
 grandma and her kiddos. getting these guys all together and you know you are in trouble.  after the swedish desert was served, we all settled in for a gift exchange.
the hot gift this year was the lottery tickets.  sadly nick and i couldn't stick around too long as a long car ride awaited us.  we wished everyone a very merry christmas and happy new year.

holidays part 2 complete.