Monday, February 8, 2016


i am officially jumping ship from blogger.  its been good enough but this last fight with google (owner of blogger) has me wanting to wipe my hands.

if you want to continue to follow my crazy adventures please update your blog roll to find me now at

it's definitely a work in progress, with more blog posts of last month to come.  i will probably keep this site up for another month and poof it will be no more.

thanks for reading.  Mel~

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


time to head back home. on my way back to the airport i opted to stop in tempe at the four peaks brewery.  i had the opportunity to try a few of their different brews and settled on the odelay.

it was a nice treat to cap off my trip before flying home.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


 i made my way to tucson and had a good time meeting with clients along the way.  jeanne and i spent the afternoon touring the west side of saguaro national park that is located on the edge of tucson.  i have seen my fair share of saguaro cactus but this place is aptly named because they are everywhere.
there are so many great look outs.
 what a fun afternoon.
jeanne and i hiked up on signal hill within the park. and there are petroglyphs everywhere. very cool finding.
after our tour of saguaro national park we stopped at humble pie for happy hour with co-workers.  there is a nice little crew in the area and it was nice to meet a few of the folks i work day to day with but only tonight got to meet face to face. one of the little quirks of my job.

lock up

while i am out of town and nick has to work we had a friend help out with our girls.  well old dog here decided to go for a joy ride.  she ran on our friend only to be picked up by a neighbor we haven't met and taken to the local vet. since we haven't chipped our dogs they called animal control.

ugh. what a day.  dakota was returned safely home but not before animal control gave her a few shots and chipped her.

paige on the other hand had her own adventure...she jumped up on the counter and ate a bunch of chocolate toffee nick left out. yeah that didn't sit well and nick came home to surprises from paige all over the place.

think i am glad i am out of town right now.

Sunday, January 3, 2016


 sadly it is time to get back to reality for nicky. i dropped him off at the airport to head back home. i am staying in arizona for a couple of days to see clients and to travel to tucson to visit with co-workers.  sunday was still chilly out but the wind wasn't really blowing and it was beautiful afternoon to get a hike in.

one of the benefits of where dad and sherry live is they have private hiking trails.  according to the phoenix news most of the public hiking locations were really busy today.  i think i saw maybe a total of 5 people the entire time i was hiking.
it was so pretty on the hike and great to be out in nature for awhile.

Saturday, January 2, 2016


we started the morning off with a quick round of golf on geronimo golf course.  it's suppose to be warm here in arizona but with the wind its actually chilly.  it was fun to get out on the course but i can definitely tell its been awhile since i've last played.

Friday, January 1, 2016


 we started the new year out getting a few national park stamps.  somehow nick has never been to the grand canyon. so we took a road trip today.  the plan is to come back when its a bit warmer and we have more time.
 it was cold out and i was hungry. we stopped into the el tovar hotel and restaurant for a quick lunch and a toast to the new year.

 the grand canyon is definitely a site to behold. there was snow around but it was only a light dusting.
it was fun to spend the day out with the family even in the cold weather.
 besides taking in the scenery we also caught sight of the donkeys.

and a special treat was this big boy. a beautiful elk sitting amongst the trees by the train. so pretty.