Saturday, July 5, 2014

18 holes

it’s a new day and we are back on the golf course. this time we are playing on the norman course.

there are clouds in the distance but mainly blue skies so we shouldn’t have any issues weather wise.

there was a variety of wildlife around the course. marmots, squirels, and on 17 we found a mule deer in one of the bunkers.  as we played the hole the deer and ran back and forth on the fairway.

i was excited to complete my first complete round of 18 and i am glad i accomplish this with my dad  as golf is a game i immediately associate with my dad. there have been tons of memories made on the course riding along. or plenty of weekends that included watching the pros play.  

seems appropriate that my first 18 be with him.

Friday, July 4, 2014

red sky

this is the first year that we have traveled out to colorado and i felt comfortable enough to partake in a round of golf.  keep in mind i am still learning but you have to play to learn. and what better way then with family giving you pointers.

we played at red sky country club and played on the fazio course. it is a beautiful course.

the day started out with beautiful blue skies. but soon the clouds were rolling in.

we finished hole 14 and then took cover as the warning signals of a nearby lightening strike were going off.

we got the all clear and finsihed two more holes when dad called it  as he could hear the thunder above us and didn’t want to chance it.

as soon as we got in the cart and headed back to the club,  the warning signals went off again.

it was a fun day out and i drove the ball well, though i did lose more balls than i would have cared for. though i also did find more then i lost so i suppose i am up. small victories.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


our first day in the mountains and we awoke and loaded up for a fun adventure jeepin’. last year we went with a big caravan of jeeps today found us a party of one jeep.

we headed over to leadville and then down a dirt road to what was the start of mosquito pass.

a mile up the road and we got out to air down the jeep.

the scenerary abound was gorgeous.

and oh my was there ever rocky road to manueaver.

we got to the top learned the history of this pass.

the plan was go over the top to the other side to breckenridge but the pass was closed at the top. there was pile of snow that it is hard to tell if we could make it through and without another jeep to help pull us through we didn’t want to chance it and ended up turning around.

what goes up must go down. a lot easire going down then up. but the views were worth it

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

outta here

we are headed to the mountains for the holiday weekend. and thankfully for a change this late flight to denver wasn't delayed. here’s to getting to bed before 2 am.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

royal purple

today is k-state day at the k, and well i wanted a purple royals hat complete with a powercat. i must have hit nick at a moment of weakness as he agreed to buying tickets and spending a good chunk of this sunday at the K.

we arrived early to ensure we could obtain one of the purple hats. and i am glad we did as it was a frenzy.  we picked up our hats and even took advantage of getting a picture with Willie Wildcat.

the weather was going to be swealtering today, so nick was relieved when we made it to our seats to find we were situated under the upper deck and would stay in the shade the entire game. we watched the pre-game festivities and took time for lunch, too.

tyler lockett, ryan mueller and the new k-state women’s basketball coach participated in the ceremonial first pitch and soon it was time to play ball.

the game was ok. some weeks it great to be a royals fan and other days you just have to roll your eyes in being a fan because it seems like they just don’t want to be here.

at the end of 8th inning we agreed to venture to the car to avoid the traffic and listen to the end of the game on the radio. the game was tied but the boys in blue just weren’t looking too sharp.

surprisingly the royals ended up pulling out the win in the bottom of the 9th. it was fun day at the k and it was awesome to see so many k-s

taters out in force. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014


nick and i are working hard in the back yard on the new patio.  we hit our maxed out point and agreed we needed to get out and walk away  for the evening.   we got cleaned up and headed out for dinner and drinks at the new prairie fire entertainment district. we made reservations at the diner, which didn’t look like what they displayed on their website. it was more upscale than what either of us was expecting. we each ordered an adult beverage as we had a feeling like we earned it after all the work completed today.

as cool as the prarie fire area is…it is still too new and sort of a mad house. not sure we will be back any time soon especially on the weekend.