Friday, July 3, 2015


 nick had posted a picture on Facebook of him and fred handling the giant rootball.  our friends the worfords wrote on his wall and noted that their docks were covered.  the worse they have ever seen the lake.  we piled in with our rakes and a pitch fork and headed over with plans on helping out.
 we arrived to find that part of the dock was under water and there was really nothing we could do to help. just let the current in the lake do the work and hope it cleared out sooner than later.
 with the no wake still in effect and not much we can do to help move the debris along...we ventured back home.  lerae and nick opted to fish while i lounged on the dock and read my book.
 typically on the fourth of july weekend the only time the water is this calm is in the super wee hours of the day.  this is just such an odd holiday weekend.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

what a mess

 we ventured down to the lake early this morning to avoid the holiday traffic. we arrived to find the lake an absolute mess. the lake is at the highest it has been in over 20 years and the amount of trash and debris floating around.
 there were some amazing sights.  nick and fred at one point got out into the water to help guide some of the trees and giant root balls further down the lake.  and the water quality looks more like chunky chocolate milk. gross!
the amount of debris and water level excessively high has caused the governor of missouri to issue a state of emergency and issue a no wake for the lake at this time.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

show must go on

i believe this is the fifth year meg and i have had season tickets at starlight and in that time we have never partake of trying out eating at starlight...well tonight we made reservation and headed over early.  as we walked into starlight theater the tornado sirens went off. ummm.

not seeing an immediate threat we headed over to try to check in for our reservation.  just as the rain came and they stopped sitting people. ugh.  we stood beneath the awning and waited.  sadly the restaurant did not have clear protocol of what to do with inclimate weather.  we waited and as the tables started to turn...instead of going down the line of those of us who have been waiting...yeah there were a few older men that shoved their way to the front and demanded to be seated. to say we were annoyed is an understatement.

once we finally did get seated we had to laugh because...our attempt to dine al fresco had us hunkered down in the tornado shelter.  oh well. the storm continued on...and it really was raining hard and we were safe and dry.  the show though ended up be delayed by almost 30 minutes.

we finally made it to our seats to find the sun starting to peak out behind the clouds.  our show of the evening is Pippin' the Musical.  A show that neither of us have seen before. it had a cross of a circus performance with a love story mixed together.  overall a pretty good show but no songs to remember humming our way home to.

a fun side note for this outing was the fact that my friends dyann and janel were also in attendance and we were able to find each other during intermission. additional a former co-worker of janel and i's vicky was present with her daughter.  it was so good to see vicky and catch up with her and hear the good news that she is currently in remission for her cancer. simple great news to hear and great to see this amazing lady.

another fun night spent with miss meg.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

cat backer

 we haven't been in a few years. last year the summer cat backer event was held at sporting park and was a raving success.  this year the event is being held out at arrowhead where the chiefs play.  nick and i braved the 5 o' clock rush hour traffic to make our way over to the sports complex.

upon arrival we quickly grabbed a photo op with willie the wildcat. go cats!
 next up we took advantage of the opportunity to tour the stadium.  we got the behind the scene tour including checking out the chiefs locker room including the original logo that the coaches huddle up around.

they even had quarterback alex smith locker done up.

we also had the opportunity to travel down to the field. on the way down we traveled through the tunnel...and well it is pretty cool.

did you know the field is actually 4 stories below ground?  this fact helps with how freaking loud it can get during a football game.  the grass itself looks like crap and will probably not improve anytime soon...this past weekend the rolling stones were in town and did a number to the field.  there is one more major concert still to come later this summer when kenny chesney comes to town.  once this concert is over new grass will be laid.
 after the tour we ventured back to the club area and settled in for a nice dinner, auction and hearing from many of the k-state head football coaches and players.  always a good time anytime it involves kansas state university.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

to blog still or not

it is hard to know if anyone is even still interested in this small corner of the internet. it has been almost a full 6 months since i touched this space. i have actually had many stop and ask me if everything is ok or if i am like so many others who have blogged and given up.  part of me is like let it go and just enjoy life and don't worry about recording it somewhere.  another part of me is kicking myself for not staying up in this realm.

nick and i have had some great adventures so far this year and made some great memories.  and i have actually enjoyed not feeling the need to pull out my camera to record it all just for the purpose of recording it here...and don't get me wrong i still pull it out and take the occasional pictures but, i have just enjoyed the moments more.

the start of the year found me struggling with getting over a few things that occurred at the end of last year.  and not wanting to come off bitchy i just stepped away.  by the time i got over my negativity over half a month had passed.  getting started and finding the time to sit down and blog just wasn't a priority.

so why now? why bother?

well, the truth is i hope to catch up on all the fun we have had so months down the road i have a place to come back to and remember.  and i have some great photos of friends and families and not everyone is on facebook. and let's be honest i haven't really shared that many pictures over there much this year either.

so if you are following along, i beg you to forgive me for this great lapse of time and maybe just maybe i will eventually catch up with blogging going forward all the while getting some past blog worthy events updated.  should make for a interesting couple of months of random stories to share.

and without further ado...let's catch up on what adventures 2015 has brought.

morning after

if you judge how good of a party you had by the morning after results i would say we rocked it last night.  this morning found us waking to a houseful. four friends crashed out another friends jeep parked in front of the house and the two puppies sleeping and not moving all freaking day.

once again we have way too much left overs but for the most part we only had minor cleaning to do to get the house back in order.  we had plans on going to a neighbors to watch the royals game on their patio...yeah that didn't happen as i took a three and half hour nap.  guess i was a little tired myself.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

fish fry

it didn't happen last year...but, this year we were bound and determined to bring our fish fry back.  this year we omitted the weird beer contest...may have to discuss bringing that aspect back in the future. but overall tonight's gathering of friends was a grand time.

i didn't bring the camera out until late in the evening.  but want to thank everyone who joined us even if i didn't record the fact on film and hope you will plan to join us again.  nick and i loved opening our home to everyone and having the opportunity to catch up with so many.  it was great to see so many of our friends from different parts of our lives mix and mingle together. we are damn lucky to have so many amazing people in our lives.

below is some pictures towards the end of evening. the one thing i really wish i would have gotten a picture of was little miss sally (Janel's dog) and paige rough housing.  these two little pups were everywhere.  oh the drinks that were lost over the course of the evening by these two zooming by.

 game night girls sitting back and watching the boys and their antics.
 the neighborhood girls that were ready for a long night of fun.
 the dance party at the end of the night was crazy...jeff and adam were happy to start it off.

thanks honey for a great night and for being a great fry cook.