Friday, April 4, 2014

double date

tonight we were joined by our friend jay and renea on a fun double date.  the nice thing is jay and renea live around the corner so carpooling and getting together is fairly easy. we made our way downtown to and enjoyed a lovely dinner at bristol down in the power and light. and then ventured over to the midland.

i bought tickets late which meant we were up in the nosebleed section of the theater. the show was a comedian amy schumer and well it was every possible female sex joke you could make and more.  i knew it would be raunchy but i seriously thought she might have more subject matter to talk about.  after a hour or so...amy brought on stage a bridget everett.  bridget proceeded to show the entire audience her tits. dance around, sing and pulled some innocent fool onstage and proceeded to shock and awe everyone in attendance.

this was one of the oddest comedy shows i have ever witnessed and we were all just a little stunned. stunned it was over and amy never came back on stage and stunned by jokes and overall crudeness of the show. yes, i have my moments of being a prude but this was just a weird show.  definitely check this off list of scene and done and not likely to pay to do again.

none the less it was still fun to get out of enjoy time with another fun loving couple.  more adventures sound possible in our future. just not sure i get to be the one to pick out the entertainment in the future.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

not today

we are working on getting paige to swim.  taking time out at the dog park encourage the two pups to fetch...paige would wade out to her chest...she's getting there just not yet.

Friday, March 28, 2014

friday off

every now and then you need to take a friday off just, because.  today was that friday for me. i had a variety of items on my to do list. and enjoyed a last minute lunch with my cousin cady who was in town for work. it's hard to believe how quickly caddy's pregnancy is going along.  so excited for her and brian.

in the afternoon nick and i ventured north. ever since paige knocked over one of my glass jars i have been wanting to make back up to nell hills. well nick wanted to check out a few things in the fields for his hunt in the morning and we thought why not load up the doggies to join us.

sadly, by the time we made it to the store to do some shopping the place was closed. seems i had read their website incorrectly and missed it by fifteen minutes as their parkville location is the one that is open until 6.

nick's parents are in town helping christina with logan. and we were invited up to join them for dinner. nick, logan and the puppies played catch in the yard until paige got a little too excited knocking logan to the ground.  you would think after all the running she did in the field she would be a little more tame...not so much.  thankfully logan wasn't hurt too bad. we enjoyed a lovely dinner with everyone and enjoyed hearing about all the latest with christina's school projects and fred and lerae upcoming road trip to dc.  lots to look forward to.

soon it was time for us to pile back up in the truck and call it a night.  not a bad friday off if i do say.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

road trip dixie land style

the last day of this trip tara and decided to take a later flight home so we could play a little bit more.  always up for an adventure and thankfully we actually make great road trip buddies, too.

prior to our arrival in tennessee we reviewed a few options. tara and i are both national park fanatics but she has been to most of the parks near nashville and i am certain i will eventual get nick to join me here sometime that i was fine forgoing a national park stamp in search for something different for both of us to enjoy.

tara is a great researcher and found a state park that received great reviews as a great day trip with beautiful views and a moderate hike.  with tara's multiple knee surgeries and after working multiple days on a exhibit hall floor a easy hike and being out amongst mother nature is exactly what both of us needed.

our road trip took us to fall creek falls state park.  with the recent rains the rivers and falls and were flowing.  i got a little goofy and opted to do try out some different yoga poses at different points of interest and tara was sweet enough to oblige with my strange request to capture these moments for me.

the place had spectacular views and the air was crisp making it a great hiking weather. tara and enjoyed having a day just the two of us to gab and explore together.

its a little scary sometimes how much alike we can be. but that makes our friendship so unique and one i truly treasure the time we get to spend together.

after this trip, i am so ready for our next big adventure. tara is someone that if she called up with a crazy idea and i could convince nick to let me go i'd jump in a heartbeat really with very little questions asked.  and i would just know we'd have a blast.

after our hike we were back in the car and headed to the airport. this time round i am thankful tara wanted to give a little cushion on time at the airport as checking into southwest as a nightmare with a college lacrosse team slowing down the process with paper tickets. 45 minutes later i was finally on the other side of tsa and sadly saying my goodbyes until next time to tara.

this work trip sure didn't feel like a work trip.  can't wait to do it again!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

distillery, opry and more

friday in nashville consisted of working the booth, team dinner enjoying indian food and the cats losing in the ncaa mens basketball tournament. no late night for me. which was a nice change, too bad  i couldn't turn my mind off and sleep.

come saturday the hall was open from 9 to 2:30 and from there it was time to play and take advantage of being in a different city.

tara was sweet enough to go and grab the rental car early so we had a vehicle at our disposal and a wish list of things to do to accomplish.  first up was checking out antique archaeology.  if you are a fan of a&e's american picker you know the store and the fact that these iowa boys opened a store in nashville. it was busy for a saturday complete with a live band. and though there were things to see the warehouse of "finds" you might expect did not really exist more than anything it was a glorified t-shirt shop with some random road picks. fun to see but at the same time not what we expected.

we took our time and explored the area and came upon a few cute stores and did a little window shopping and then decided we could use a drink. at the end of the building was a distillery.  sadly the tours were sold out but, that didn't stop a few of us from trying a few tastes of their locally made liquors and enjoy a yummy drink in the courtyard that had one of the best ambience i've come across in some time.  if you are nashville and like liquor i'd encourage planning ahead and scheduling a tour of corsair distillery it doesn't look like it would disappoint what so ever.

afterwards we said our ados to julie as she was headed home and tiffany, tar and i ventured over to the grand ol opry for some live music fun.  the opry is still a live radio show that is broken up into four different segment with a host for each time.  the supposed highlight of the night was chris janson who not only sang but was signing cd's afterwards.

we settled into the church pews and anxiously awaited each performance.  the first duo on stage was celebrating signing their first record contract. named striking matches this duo seems to be making the rounds as song writers that are also trying to make it as country singers.  after their first song the invited a friend on stage to join them and thank him for his help. their friend was none other than sam palladio who plays gunnar on the tv show nashville.  i swear tara about fell out her seat she was so excited and really was the highlight of the evening as it was so unexpected.

other bands and singers played and it was so neat to see the variety. young old, military band, and plenty of guitar and fiddles to meet everyone's wants.  what a fun time out. if you get the chance to see a live show at the opry i'd definitely recommend it.

after the show we ventured over to crackle barrel of all places for a down home meal and to reflect on all the fun we have had over the last couple of days.

the adventure isn't yet over but it's been jammed pack so far.

also if you want to review tara's recap of today feel free to check it out here.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

thursday in music city

today finds the exhibit hall not opening until noon. which means i had a little bit of free time to explore this morning.  i opted to tour the original church of country music the ryman auditorium.  this building has a wealth of history and it is amazing how it went dark for awhile only to be revitalized and is now a very active auditorium for a variety of events.  as well as featured in a variety of movies and even the tv show nashville.

once i finished up my tour i headed over to the exhibit hall and was quickly joined by other co-workers. the hall is open from 12 - 7.  we worked, we informed and we got goofy. once the hall closed we had a few receptions we were invited to attended and rub elbows.

while part of the team called it a night. jeanne, zach and i determined we were still slightly hungry so we ventured out and enjoyed a random bbq sampler. after that jeanne called it

since we were no longer in our work gear and not just yet ready to call it a night i reached out to tara and zach and i joined her and the girls.  what was super crowded last night and hard to move, tonight bar of choice was great music and not too crowded that we could talk, move and have a great time.

we didn't stay out too long...but long enough that tomorrow wake up call is going to come way sooner than wanted.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

music city whirlwind

this morning found me with very little work actually having to do. after returning a few emails and making a few calls. i opted to venture over to the convention center to see if the team needed my help.  the class was doing well and instead of turning into a babysitter it was agreed i'd set up the booth.

my friend tara also was there setting up her company booth and we finished around the same time and ventured out for some great barbecue for lunch and scoped out what trouble we might get into in the afternoon.

first up we ventured over to the country music hall of fame.  a nice tribute to the history of country music and highlighting many stars over the generations. if you are country music fan especially of the  old time country music you will likely love this museum.  it was ok but not amazing by any means.

afterwards we did a little window shopping including checking out the hatch show print shop that is located in the same building as the country music hall of fame.  pretty cool and some funny posters they've created.

what came next of our adventure filled afternoon/evening was the two of us taking a total chance...and for two girls who like to actually plan out things this was a true escape from the norm...once we finally agreed to jump we hurriedly grabbed a cab and ventured what basically felt like the suburbs of nashville to attempt to get a seat at the 6pm showing at the blue bird cafe.

2 hours later we were still standing at the front door and the performers had already started. with only four people in front of us we were beginning to question if we make it inside or not. thankfully the hostess kept coming back out and we were escorted to a two top on the floor and settled in for a couple hours of great easy listening music in the round.  i am so not doing this experience justice but it was so freaking exciting. one is our chance worked out, two i seriously could have reached out and touched one of the performers we were seriously sitting that freaking close.

by the end of the show tara and i were able to get a couple of pictures with a few of the performers and bought a few cds and a great t-shirt to remember this experience.  we walked outside with our luck still on our side and cab waiting to see if anyone needed a ride. yes please.

once back downtown, we headed out to broadway street meeting up with a few of tara's co-workers.  the bars were lively and as much fun as it was to be out...i made it about an hour or so and called it.

tara did a great job recapping today festivities in her own words at here.