Sunday, August 16, 2015


it was good thing i wasn't drinking last night as i had a early tee time with a ladies from the neighborhood.  at one point during the course of our game we stopped at one of the ladies houses to let the twosome behind us pass and most of the ladies enjoyed a round of mimosa.

it was not my best game of golf but i picked up some great pointers and it was great to have the opportunity to get to know more of the ladies. let's hope i didn't play too poorly that they will invite me to play again soon.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


 rex and nick spent the day playing in the johnny's golf tournament. i ran a few errands and then joined them afterwards for the awards and party.  seems it was a long day of golf and most were exhausted and cleared out early.  but the three of us agreed to stick around and invited janel and trisha to join in the fun.
 and then the night took a turn and many rounds of shots were ordered. i have never been so thankful to not be drinking than i was this evening. we parted johnny's and joined chris and others for aaron's show at jefferson's
the music was good all the while watching the end of the sporting game and chiefs game.  a fun night with friends. tons of laughs.


 up early to take in the farmers market. i ventured over to my cousin lady's new home and we headed out for a fun morning.

my friend sarah was also up of the outing and joined us. as we loaded up on lots of fresh veggies and fruit we quickly were loaded down and ready to call it for our shopping adventure.
 sadly sarah had to head out soon for a conference call on a saturday.  and cady and i took in the lovely morning and she let little l splash in the fountains.  he easily entertained all the adults looking on and was completely soaked by the time we ventured back to the car and to call it a morning.

hopefully we can do this outing again soon.

Friday, August 14, 2015

firework friday

 it's friday and tonight i am lucky enough to spend the night at the k with these lovely ladies to cheer on our boys in blue.
 our seats were located just to the left of home plate and in the shade.

while there i got notification that my friend and golf partner jill was participating in the hot dog races. go ketchup go!
 a check of facebook throughout the game we learned that there many friends were in attendance.  amy needed to leave a little early so i agreed to walk her out and we reached out to angie to see if we could at least say hello. she was happy to oblige our request, while we stood there chatting our friend judy, mike and christy were walking out. mike was nice enough to take a picture of us girls. too fun to catch up if only a few minutes.
 on my way back to my seat i opted to stop by and say hello to my neighbors the mullins. i had to give them a hard time as we have asked them twice now to go to a royals game this year and both time they declined...they promise they are interested in going it just hasn't worked out date wise.
 the royals won.  janel and i opted to stick around and enjoy some of the festivities that included in post game win antics.
 including perez soaking hosmer.
it was firework friday...and as we walked to our car we got to indulge in the grand finally.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

teed off

the annual ducks unlimited golf tournament was tonight.  nick and gary were in charge and oversaw the tourney.  paige decided to get into the action and cheer the guys on as they teed off on hole 7.

a great night supporting the ducks is a win win for any occasion.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


its been months since i last saw this pretty lady, not without some attempts.  we finally found a date and since our friend lynsee was working an event...agreed to meet and enjoy a early dinner and gab fest at q39. a newer bbq joint that everyone was raving about.

lynsee was able to sneak away a little bit while sabrina and i dined on some delish burnt ends and brisket. oh so good and worth the effort to explore.

with the eatery becoming packed we agreed to move our gab fest outside and i got the opportunity to show off my new toy.  up for an adventure, sabrina agreed to go for a bit of a joy ride and enjoy a topless jeep outing through downtown.

such a fun night on such a beautiful kansas city evening. by the end of the drive we had promises of more like outings sooner than later.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


paige and i tried to run tonight...
but what a freaking spam she is dragging me left and then right.