Friday, July 18, 2014


 we arrived late last night in boston and awoke and took a train into downtown boston.  we made our way to fenway ballpark to pick up our tickets for the game this evening between the red socks and the royals. we wanted to ensure we could get tickets for stadium tour during batting practice.  once we secured tickets we venture back into downtown to do a little exploring starting first at the boston gardens.
 we then ventured over to the famed cheers for lunch. since we have explored boston once before we weren't really up for doing too much sight seeing. it was more about just having a good time and experiencing a ball game at the historic ballpark.  it was fun to walk around town in  royals gear since they have been playing better this year.
 after lunch we headed back to the ballpark and had a drink at the bleachers bar.  this particular bar is situated out in the outfield under the famed green monster and even has a fence that overlooks the field. while we were here the royals were out taking batting practice. amazing how the younger crowd was having a good time heckling the boys in blue.
 soon it was time to take a tour of the ball park. we sat and heard some of the history of the ballpark and then as a group were lead down to the field were we able to walk around and watch some of the batting practice of the red socks.  it was pretty cool to be actually standing on the red dirt that so must history has taken place.
 some of the original seats. just new coat of paint.
 then we all headed up to the top of the green monster to watch the end of batting practice and try to get lucky enough to shag a few balls. or just enjoy the young kids beg the outfielders to throw them a ball or two.
 my attempt at leaning over the wall to shag a ball or two. lol.
what a fun experience. now to leave the stadium to only stand in line to come back in. such a different environment from the K were everyone arrives early to tailgate.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


 have you ever seen such a cute little kiddo before? little miss b is just precious.
i enjoyed such a lovely lunch with alicia and her pretty girl.  wish we lived closer together but, so grateful for our lunch dates here and there.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


 with it being july, having attended a wedding last night and being in wichita it sort of reminds us where we started.  we drove by where we first met and took a few seconds to take a picture. who would have thought that a disagreement at a bar could lead to 10 years of marriage.
 we met at jeanne's cafe to join my mom for breakfast. as i walked in i realized one of my dear friends from high school bridget was sitting at a booth by herself. i have kept up on bridget thanks to facebook. and it was serendipitous to see this pretty lady before she left she is making a move to texas of all places.
mom arrived and we enjoyed a lovely breakfast together. it was a quick visit but so glad we got to spend a little time together. then it was time for us to hit the road as we had a few puppies waiting on us to get home for a few days.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

22 years

one our friends from nick's days at his old job monte got married today.  we traveled to wichita and then took a small road trip west on highway 54 to the small town of garden plains.  the ceremony was held at the catholic church in town and oh my was it the epitome of small town catholic service.

very different from the wedding we attended a few weeks ago and much much much more blatantly conservative.  i did and kept my mouth shut until safely out of ear shot.

in addition to monte and his lovely bride kim it was seriously a mini-reunion of sorts of nicks days back at citywide days.
 if you ever hung out with the boys from the citywide crew you will appreciate the laugh we all had at the idea of jeb serving josh let alone anyone else.
 of course had to get a picture with the lovely couple of the day. congrats you love birds.
 nick and i spent a good chunk of the reception with aaron and his date jenna. it was especially nice to  meet jenna as she hadn't met most of these guys and well it has been years since we have seen most of them so she and i sort of buddied up.
 by the end of the evening i also got to know jeb's wife and her daughter and learned we live a few miles from each other back in kc and spoke possible getting together sooner than later.
we didn't stay into the wee hours of the morning but did stay later than either of us thought we would with a 2pm ceremony.  come 11pm i finally got nick to agree to head home for the evening. enjoying the gorgeous super moon in the process.

monte and kim weren't just high school and college sweet hearts but have been on and off again for now 22 years.  it was sort of the running storyline of the whole evening.

and one of the groomsmen even wrote a song and played it at the reception. here it is...

memory lane

we awoke and walked down memory lane nicky style. we stayed with chrystal as the wedding is in garden plains a small town west of town and we wanted to be safe. in the morning, nick drove us around some of his old haunts as a good part of his childhood had him growing up in way west wichita and going to school in goddard.

we stopped in and said hello to lou and jill, family friends that we normally see down at the lake of the ozarks. it was great being able to stop in and say hello .

in 10+ years of our relationship, it is surprising some of the different things i continue to learn new and different about nick.

Friday, July 11, 2014

ta town

we have another wedding this weekend. this time in a small town near wichita. so we ventured down early to spend some quality time with different friends and family members.

first up was surprised al and irene and stopped in and said hello and got a great tour of their new home. they have been here for over 2 years and this was my first time ever stopping in. it is a lovely home and can tell these two are settling in well.

afterwards we met our friend chrystal out for dinner and had the opportunity to meet her new beau.  we dined at fireBird, and had a lovely meal and even better time getting to  know bill and hear how life has been going.

upon completion of dinner agreed that adult beverage was wanted and sitting on the patio of chrystal home was in order. there is something about wichita, that it is just easy to revert to sitting on the drive or the patio and bs with friends.  sort of miss those days.  n

ick and I made it through one drink and said good night both just exhausted from a long week, and wanting to let the love birds to have some alone time as he was hitting the road in the morning

Thursday, July 10, 2014


ok remember me saying the last league game wasn’t great? yeah i learned today that being bad that day at putting actual had me winning the mystery competition of most putts. not exactly a game you want to win. but 30 bucks is mula in my pocket.

i played much better on all aspects of my game. woo-hoo. only having to pay in a dollar and five cents. 

the league scheduled to have the craze taco truck come out and cook for us and the neighborhood. i asked nick to join in the fun and he was sweet enough to stand in line and get our food just in time for when i walked off the 9th hole.

it is fun to see so many neighbors and the different golf league ladies have so much fun.